Tuesday, September 9, 2008

400 and counting

We have crossed the 400 mark. That's right we have collected 400 ten spots for our Change for a Ten campaign so far. We are still hoping for more (a lot more!) so please send in yours! And encourage your friends/family/colleagues to do the same. Show the community what you'd change. Show the children that you care.

You can now submit online -- www.art180.org/ten
or drop off at ART 180's new offices in Studio 1 at Plant Zero (0 East 4th #1, Richmond, VA 23224 ... we are checking the mailbox everyday hoping to find yours in it)

We are collecting "dollars" through 9/22 and will be exhibiting them all on 10-10-08 at VCU's Brandcenter (103 S. Jefferson), 7pm. It's free, kid friendly and will be quite the event so go on and mark your calendar....

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