Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Calling designers, writers, account reps, strategists...

Feeling competitive? We have created a special contest for communications professionals (graphic designers, copywriters, art directors, but not just the creatives.... account reps, strategists, planners, etc, as well).

Go to for details. All you have to do is write jelly on the back of your submission and send it in by 9/15 and we will have it judged by Jelly Helm of Weiden & Kennedy! There is also a reward for the agency that brings in the most! 

Change for a Ten is a community art project about communication and we need communications professionals to really push the envelope, to get people thinking and to get new messages out there? Help us spread the word. And remember this deadline is a week earlier which means we need these 10spots by MONDAY! (you can submit online or drop it off at our offices in Plant Zero -- Studio #1 -- 0 East 4th St.)

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