Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Chocolate!

We just got a whole new batch of gourmet chocolate goodness wrapped in art for your tasting and collection. Look for new designs at Quirk Gallery (311 West Broad Street) and in Carytown at Mongrel and For the Love of Chocolate. $10 for milk or dark chocolate (and thanks again to For the Love for sharing the love, through chocolate). Remember: buy 4 and get a 5th one free...You can never have too much chocolate, you know.

Look for these new wrapper designs:

"Video Game Paradise" by Beth Varni
"Happy Bob" by Jared Jenkins

"Love What You Can Do" by Heilbron Rushing-Cooper

1 comment:

Nigrilaforever said...

who draw it?? A two years old child?? Ha, at least it looks like this

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