Thursday, October 16, 2008

Change for a Ten Aftermath

to all of you who helped make our 10th anniversary party such a whopping success. The turnout was just swell, and it was a high-energy evening.Thanks for celebrating with us, for making dollars, for believing that art can create change.

For those of you who wanted to get an art dollar but didn't, don't worry there will be more opportunities (we'll keep you posted). For now, check this blog ( and let us know which ones you see that you want and we'll let you know if they're still available ( We will be continuing to add more in the weeks to come! With a donation to ART 180 they can be yours... AND, stay tuned as we begin planning for "Phase 2."

Now, with 2,600+ art dollars something had to go wrong...well 19 things, actually. In the mad dash to get all the entries scanned, cataloged, bagged, labeled and exhibited, we forgot to pick up 19 impressive little works o' art that were waiting for us at Crossroads Arts Center. For that, we feel terrible. The good news is that ALL of you (even those who couldn't attend on 10-10) now have the chance to see them. They couldn't be a better batch -- diverse issues, incredible talent, true passion. So with a special thank you to teacher Cindy McNamara and her Hanover High Talent, here they are:
Christina Melton, Society's Pain

Kim Leonard,Conservation

Ruthie Chen, Beauty is Only Skin Deep

Taylor Lacey, Fill in the Blank
Jessica Burnett, Flower Power

Joe Jarrells, Get Active

Sivanh Keovongphet, Bloodshed

Anna Gordon, Why?

Kathryn Mayes, Empathy

Casey Crabtree, Shine Some Light

Pagie Tatum, Disconnect

Jessica Gooden, Top Dollar

Curran Henry, Why Can't We Be Friends?

Meredith Bond, What Are We Doing?

Dani Price, Clean it Up!
Raven McCarter, Get Out!

Eliza Craymer,Top Priority

Travis Miles, Depression

Meghann Sayles, The New Black

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